OnChain specialises in education, training and consultation within the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystems for individuals and businesses in Jersey.

Whether you need an advisor for a project, or a custom built education experience, OnChain can provide the help that you need. 

Consultation Areas

Topics we cover


– Blockchains
– Cryptocurrencies
– Wallets
– Simple Trading
– Dangers & Risks
– On/Off Ramps
– Marketcap


– Cold Storage
– Smart Contracts
– Using Exchanges
– NFT’s
– Chart Analysis
– Staking
– Metamask


– AMM’s
– Liquidity Provision
– DeFi Platforms
– Yield Aggregators
– OTC Orders
– Leverage Trading
– Nodes/Validators

OnChain can also act in a consultation/advisory role for any project or utilisation of blockchain technology you are looking at implementing.

Get in touch to start a conversation about your desires and requirements.


We Know And Love


Ways we can consult

Whilst covering a plethora of subjects we can also cater for a number of engagement methods:

– 1-2-1
– Group sessions
– Remote presentations
– Lectures & Seminars
– Written reports
– Internet based support

Any questions?

We thrive on conversations with those who are interested in learning more about blockchain technologies and investment techniques.

Whether you want some 1-2-1 sessions or a group workshop for your friends or organisation, we can put together the perfect package to meet your needs.