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Simple Investment

As a retail investor it is fairly simple to start investing in blockchain projects. Check out our simple guide to start your portfolio today. 


Decentralised finance is booming in the blockchain world. We have great experience of the many earning opportunities and technologies that DeFi brings such as staking, liquidity provision and secure lending.

There is currently over 180 billion dollars locked into projects across the DeFi space.

Billion $ TVL


Blockchains have tokens/assets (or cryptocurrencies) that are used for a wide variety of functions.

Head on over to our tokens page for a break down of what they are and some of their uses.

Revenue Streams

Methods for success

There are 3 main ways you can earn money through blockchain investment.

Speculative Investment

This is the act of purchasing a blockchain projects tokens with the expectation of those tokens increasing in value over time. Strong projects such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have shown impressive gains.


Many blockchain projects allow you to stake your tokens to receive interest on them. Percentages can vary from 5% to over 100% APR/APY and can be done with coins with no price volatility.


liquidity provision

Automated Market Makers allow tokens to be swapped for other tokens. By providing a pair of swappable tokens you receive a portion of all swap fees that happen in the pair you provide.

Featured Projects

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Blockchain Uses

Some examples of the technological uses


Some projects have enabled secure identity and verification systems. These allow you to hold your important information on the blockchain and control who has access to it at all times.


Non-fungible tokens are taking the world by storm. From their use in the art world to their use in video games. These exclusive items can not be reproduced and are forever unique.



Decentralised Finance is enabling people to do more with their money. Allowing great interest rates on their capital as well as using it in ways not possible in our legacy financial systems. 



Counterfeiting is a big problem in todays world. Blockchain technology has been enabling brands to create secure ways to verify the authenticity of their products and supply chains.

Blockchain In Numbers

Trillion Dollar Marketcap


Bitcoin 4-Year mean return

Million Users